All of our online classes happen live, real time, there are no recordings to listen to, these are live class only.

Online Attendance Policy:

  • For all online participation, it is the responsibility of each attendee to have the correct equipment and internet connection to attend BPI/CDM activities.
  • Tablets and cell phones are not as suitable for any online function as they tend not to be stable enough.  Drops are very common and audio can be of poor quality.
  • Lap tops and other more stable computers as well as a headset with a mic is recommended.
  • The teacher(s) or reading control will not hold back a class or reading space, should an attendee experience technical difficulty.
  • It is each participant’s responsibility to create a personal sanctuary without distraction and/or background noise.  Attending classes or reading spaces in a car, coffee shop or other public place is not appropriate for online participation.
  • Should the participant’s lack of appropriate equipment and /or grounded sanctuary create a disturbance or disruption during the class or reading space, the attendee will see his/her mic privilege revoked.
  • We are committed to creating a sanctuary for all to find their own space and honor other’s finding their own space as well.

How to participate online:

Before attending, please make sure that the Zoom program/app is loaded onto your device/computer.

Click on the appropriate Zoom link below to attend your class:


  • Update Adobe Flash on your computer  or device.
  • Use a headset to talk with us online.
  • Within Zoom, find the link that allows you to test your speaker and mic levels.
  • Mute your MIC when you are not talking.
  • If your mic isn’t working, use the chat window to type questions or to share.