Male 1 & 2
Attend in person or Live Online

All class, workshop and program times are USA PACIFIC TIME

Contribution:  Preregistration $250, Registration week of class $300


You are destined to be the man that you are. These classes (Male 1 & 2) are designed for men to validate who they are as spiritual beings having a male body in this lifetime. Men and women create differently. By understanding the differences, you let go of judgements, accept who you are and create healthy relationships. Use what you learn in this class, and build the life you envision. Unleash your power!

  • Explore and own your male energy, the unique spiritual vibration that powers the male body
  • Live life on your own terms, being neutral to societal roles and expectations
  • Create relationships from spiritual freedom and autonomy
  • Experience increased physical energy, vitality and sexual vigor
  • Confidently express your manhood as a peaceful warrior in modern times
  • Create a career that feeds your passions; make money easier than before
  • Enhance your mental clarity, effectively communicate and find solutions to challenges
  • Have the curiosity, enthusiasm, and freedom to have fun without limits and restrictions
  • Discover your own male and female energies, tap into your well of creativity, appreciate and understand women better
  • Create a spiritual fellowship with other men in the vibration of cooperation and forgiveness

    Male 1

    In Male 1 you will learn the basics. Male grounding, how to run your own male energy within your body, the difference between Male and Female energy, how to survive on a female planet, the natural pace of your body, how male grief can be a healing, plus Guilt, Responsibility, Obligation and Validation in a male body.

    Prerequisite: Meditation 1  & 2

    Male 2

    Male 2 continues the process of owning your own male space. You will learn more kindergarten tools like Male Creativity, how to discover the energies that prevent you from running your own male energy, identifying your Male Spirituality and saying hello to Competition, Cooperation and Forgiveness.

    Prerequisite: Meditation 1 & 2, Male 1

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